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Bartholdi, mother and son

Jean-Marie Schelcher

Published Monday 11 May 2015

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What an amazing life that was the one of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi! A great traveler, the father of the Statue of Liberty had visited Italy, Ethiopia, Egypt, and the United States.

He met Ferdinand de Lesseps at the Suez Canal construction site, was received by two presidents of the United States, was familiar with the artistic circles of the Second Empire, was an emissary of the Republican government of Gambetta, an aide-de-camp of Garibaldi…

This intense activity had never prevented him from visiting his maddened brother Charles every week. Nor did it stop him from writing to his mother Charlotte almost every day.

Jean-Marie Schelcher has chosen 300 letters from Bartholdi to his mother and put them together to make an autobiographic novel. They form an extraordinary travel diary, a plunge into the work of an artist who thought of his works as an architect, to inscribe them totally in the landscape.

Jean-Marie Schelcher is a writer and a teacher.

Genre: Docu-drama - Autobiography

Number of pages: 720

Keywords: life – testimony – love – family – travel - letter

Audience: Adult

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«Mummy. I had written so much to her. Almost every day. None of my letters had gone unanswered. Writing was like kissing without the lips, without the cheeks. It was kissing with the spirit.»