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The abode of silence

Gérard Janus

Published Thursday 8 October 2020

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The story of Gerard Janus began as a family quest: his father, Werner, his paternal grandfather, Georges, who underwent the Nazi purge.

Quite quickly, from discovery to discovery, this story crossed paths with another: the story "that does not pass", as German historians use to say. And the well-kept secrets of the Lutheran Church of Alsace at the time of the Annexation.

Today, as a pastor but also simply as a man, Gérard Janus delivers the discoveries he has extracted from the abode of silence. His revelations, delivered with no desire to harm, will nourish all those who wish to elucidate the past and calm the future.

Author: Gérard Janus is a pastor in the Union of Protestant Churches of Alsace and Lorraine. Born in 1964, he is a native of Mackwiller, a small village in Alsace Bossue.

Genre: Non-Fiction - Historical essay

Number of pages: 216

Keywords: WWII – secret – silence – past – peace – future – Family – quest – true story

Audience: Adult

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